Welcome to our Campsite – We are OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND!

We have space for Tents, Campers & Caravans and our guests are welcome to park their car next to the tent / camper.

Our campsite pricelist is:

2000 kr. per person
1500 kr. per motorhome (electricity included)
500 kr. per tent/small camper spot
500 kr. electricity
Free for children under the age of 14!

Indoor toilets and hot showers are included in the price. We also offer access to indoor kitchen and dining room. You are welcome to dump chemical toilet/black water waste in a specified tube, but we do not have a release station for grey water. You can find those in Akureyri or Egilsstaðir.
Dogs are welcome only when kept on a leash.

If you have stayed with us for three nights in a row, the fourth night is free of charge! We do not book a site for the camping! We do have plenty of space so do not worry!


Hverfjall Crater
Beauty of Summer
Fun Together
Lava surrounding







Still camping, throughout the fall and freezing ground!
Magic of Fall